Kelsey-Marie is a freelance lifestyle, self-care blogger and content creator. She utilizes her blog as a platform to discuss her love of fashion, art, self-care + the exploration of Johannesburg, South Africa. She is truly inspired by the beauty of the world around her and displays that in her work through writing for her blog, curating photos on her Instagram, and in her paintings.

TrinidadianLove is a source of inspiration for self-care practices, styling, art and places to visit in the city of Johannesburg.

The blog TrinidadianLove is entitled as an homage to the country Trinidad; her homeland. Although Kelsey-Marie was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Raleigh, NC; she identifies first as being Trinidadian. Born to Trinidadian parents, she was raised heavily in Trinidadian culture and customs and even lived there for a year as well as consistently visiting throughout her childhood. These experiences shaped who she is today.

Kelsey-Marie is currently based in Johannesburg but travels between Johannesburg and New York City.

For collaborations or freelance work, Kelsey-Marie can be reached at kelseymarienyc@gmail.com.